Ever dreamt of a pastamatic spitting out beautiful letterpress cards?
We did! Mixing vintage letterpress wood types with super brain concentrate, a 3D printer, 3 levers and some lush uncoated cotton paper here is for you: Stampomatica.



Stampomatica is a powerful expression of digital manufacturing that joined the memory of movable type printing with the DIY attitude;it’s the meeting point between past and future, vintage and innovation: a self-commissioned project that allows everyone  to approach to traditional printing techniques rediscovering their charm and potential.

This project comes from makers’ spirit, from the know- how ad skills of people that work with technology and experience trough manual practice. Cutting-edge tools transforming ideas into shapes and finally into tangible things: the results is a clean and linear object, stripped down to its essential and invested with new meanings.

Maker facility
in Milan

in Verona